Solid Tumors

Genetic testing of cancers can assist in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options and disease monitoring.

Our US Board-Certified Molecular Genetics Pathologists are available to analyze cancer specimens in order to determine the best testing strategies for each patient.

Mutation analysis, including NGS panels, is available.

  • Lung cancer, e.g. EGFR and ALK mutation analysis
  • Colon cancer, e.g. KRAS, NRAS and BRAF
  • Pediatric tumors with recurrent genetic mutations, e.g. Ewing sarcoma
  • for predisposing mutations, e.g. BRCA1 & BRCA2, and Lynch syndrome (see familial cancer)

Our partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies allow us to offer some of these tests at no cost – please contact us to find out more.

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