Paternal Testing

We offer the fastest, most affordable and accurate paternity testing in Trinidad & Tobago!

  • Only takes 10-12 business days (Appointments recommended) 
  • More affordable than ever      
  • Every sample is tested twice to rule out false results

Legal testing is required when the result may be used for court cases, maintenance orders, or other legal matters. All adults (age 18 and over) to be tested must bring ID (passport/drivers permit/national ID card). For any minors to be tested (under 18), a photograph is required. Please bring a recent passport type photo if available. Also, if available, bring the child’s birth certificate.

This testing is identical to the legal testing, however the identification documentation is not required. It is cheaper, however the report is not designed for legal use.

As well as paternity testing, other relationships can be tested:

  • Maternity (child-mother)
  • Siblings (brothers and sisters)
  • (grandchild-grandparent)
A cheek swab is taken which collects some of the cells from the inside of the cheek. DNA is extracted from these cells, and PCR-based analysis performed. A highly accurate analysis of the genetic profiles of the mother (if tested), child, and alleged father, is conducted, and conclusive results regarding parentage is achieved.
It is best to have all possible alleged fathers tested to establish the true biological father.

The result will either state:

  • The alleged father is excluded as the biological father of the child (this means he is not the father). The probability of paternity is 0%.
  • The alleged father is not excluded as the biological father of the child (this means it is most likely that the biological father). The probability of paternity will be given, and will be over 99%.

Paternity Index – This is the odds in favour of the alleged father being the biological father of the child. For example, a Combined Paternity Index of 100,000 means the tested alleged father is 100,000 times more likely to be the biological father of the child than an untested, unrelated, random man in the population. If the alleged father is excluded as the biological father, the Paternity Index will be 0.

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